Health Training

Join us in preparing for our medical mission trips. We will be going over health education presentations and fine-tuning our patient assessment skills (blood pressure, lung auscultations, etc.)! This is a great way to get involved in IMO and really learn what it is that we do on the trips we go on.


When: Thursdays

 Time: 7:00 PM

Location: ENG1 427


2015-2016 Health Training Material:


Vitals Handout

First Aid


2015-2016 Creole Lessons:

Creole Key

Greetings Audio

Greetings Handout

Vitals Audio

Vitals Handout

Numbers Audio

Numbers Handout

First Aid, Burns Audio

First Aid, Burns Handout

House to House Survey Audio

House to House Survey Handout


Old Health Training Files:
PowerPoint 9.4.14
Creole Greetings
PowerPoint 9.11.14
Haiti Overview Quiz
PowerPoint 9.18.14
Moringa Poster
Moringa Translation
Common Medical Conditions
Cholera + Food/Water Sanitation
Creole Handout (Cholera)
Vitals Presentation
Creole Handout (Vitals)
Final Study Guide