Health Training


Join us in preparing for our medical mission trips. We will be going over health education presentations and fine-tuning our patient assessment skills (blood pressure, lung auscultations, etc.)! This is a great way to get involved in IMO and really learn what it is that we do on the trips we go on.

Haiti Interview Review/Study Guide

IMO Health Training 2017-2018

2017-2018 Health Training Material:

Health Training Info


Haiti Overview


Ethics and Culture

Common Conditions

India Overview

New Orleans Overview

Worksheet 1: Moringa Worksheet

Worksheet 2: Vitals Handout

Worksheet 3: Medications

2017-2018 Creole Lessons:

Leson Di Jou (Lesson of the Day) #1

Leson Di Jou #2


Fall 2017

September 21

Introduction of Trips and HT

September 28

Vitals and Basic Knowledge

October 5

Haiti Overview/Interviews of Veteran Members

October 12


October 19

Ethics and Culture

October 26

Mass Casualty Workshop

November 2

NOLA/Special Needs Care

November 9

Research Directors/Moringa Presentation

November 16

Medication and Pharmacy

November 23