When are meetings?

Our general meetings will be held on alternate Mondays at 7 pm in the SU.

What if I cannot make meetings?

Meeting newsletters will also be posted on our website, www.imoucf.org, for you to view at your convenience. Attendance at events is highly encouraged even if you cannot make meetings so that you can not only participate in IMO but continue to earn points towards a spot on one of our international trips.

Are there dues?

Yes, dues are $35 for the entire year and include a t-shirt. Dues are non-refundable and must be accompanied by a membership application in order for your IMO membership to be certified. If dues are paid on-line, the cost will be $36.45 using paypal.

How can I get more involved in IMO?

A great way to kick-start your involvement in IMO is to come to Bucket Donations outside the Student Union Monday through Friday. Buckets is where we promote IMO, encourage people to learn more about our organization, and ask for donations. It’s a great way to get to know other members and the officers while helping raise money for the upcoming trips. You can also join our Facebook group by searching International Medical Outreach. This is a great way to always stay in the loop about our upcoming events. You can also come to our health committee meetings which are held every week on thursdays. At the health committee meetings, we make health education posters and practice presentations we give while on trips on dental health, women’s health, family planning, menís health, and hygiene. These are an integral part of what IMO does so if you’d like to go on a trip, your enthusiasm and attendance at these meetings are important. You can also attend our Committee meetings where we discuss fundraising ideas to raise money and advertising strategies for our big events. Some other events we have are car washes, bake sales, director positions, restaurant fundraising socials, and many more!

What director positions are there?

Current positions include:

  • Donations (2)
  • Blogging (2)
  • Fundraising (3)
  • Events (4)
  • Research (2)
  • health training (1)
  • Creole Director (1)
  • Director for Emergency Preparedness (1)
  • Historian (2)
  • Marketing (2)
  • Public Relations (1)

What if I don’t speak any other languages?

No problem trip spots are not awarded based on the ability to speak the language of the country we are traveling to, but some basic knowledge of the language will help tremendously once you are there. We will often have some sort of translator or other IMO members who can help you interpret the language around you. We will try our best to familiarize you with the language of the country, but a bit of independent ìhomeworkî will help as well.

Do I need to get immunizations?

Depending on the country of travel, you may need them. We will let you know for certain what vaccinations are required as the trip date approaches. We encourage you to visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC) online for the recommended immunizations in your area of travel and to make an appointment with the travel doctor at Student Health Services for other information such as which medications are helpful to bring with you or any medical precautions you should take based on your individual medical history. Immunizations are available at UCF by appointment, at the Orange County Department of Health (or other counties where you may live), and possibly at your own doctorís office.

Do I have to be pre-med to go on a trip/be an IMO member?

Absolutely not IMO is made of a variety of pre-health professionals and encourages diversity amongst its members. With this said, please keep in mind that while on a trip a large part of your participation will be potentially be centered around clinics, patients, and potentially medical procedures. You do not have to be pre-med but you have to be comfortable enough with medicine to want to be around it.

Do I have to be a UCF student to go on a trip/be an IMO member?

Unless you are a medical professional accompanying us on the Spring Break and May trips, you must be a UCF student to be both a member and a trip-goer.