About Us



About Us:

Founded in 2004, International Medical Outreach’s (IMO) mission is to plan medical volunteering trips to impoverished areas of the world. This opportunity educates students on global health, medicine, healthcare systems, and sociological backgrounds of various nations. In the past, we have traveled to countries such as Honduras,  Costa Rica, Peru, Haiti, India, Colombia, and Ecuador, among others. The variety of backgrounds of healthcare systems and societies students travel to allows them to gain new perspectives on healthcare professions and cultures different from those found in the United States.
Each trip is unique, but they follow a general structure allowing students to work in a variety of settings and communities within the country, gaining medical knowledge as well as providing healthcare and supplies to those who need it. Students provide assistance to physicians and other allied health professionals in both rural and urban clinics/hospitals to understand the dynamic of what medical care entails in a nation with a healthcare system different from the United States. Additionally, students develop and present health education programs to enhance the importance of preventative medicine in underserved communities.

Mission Statement:

“International Medical Outreach dedicates its efforts to providing means for its members to expand their cultural awareness regarding medicinal practices and living standards all over the globe. Our mission surrounds the importance of  international medical altruism , sustainability, cross- cultural integration, preventative healthcare in underserved communities. Through our mission we hope to provide positive-life altering experiences, and leave our helpful footprint on the impoverished and underserved areas of the world where medical care is scarce or nonexistent.”